Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring break fun

I think this makes it official. If there were any questions in your mind about my nerdiness before, I'm just about to squash them. I'm all excited because I'm going to spend my spring break next week reading and writing a review of the Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion! I responded to a call for book reviewers that Library Journal recently sent out and, much to my surprise, they responded and asked if I'd like to review reference books. Of course I said yes!

One small problem is that Library Journal is published by Elsevier and their standard author contract requires me to give up all of my copyrights to the reviews I write and they accept for publication. But I've got a list of web sites where I can go to find examples of language to use to ammend that (when I find it, I'll share it with you).

Oh, just to balance things out a bit...I'm also really excited that I have a daffodil just about to bloom in my back yard.

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