Sunday, May 24, 2009


Just spent a couple of hours cleaning up my Zotero library, upgrading to their version 2.0b4 which (fingers crossed) will eliminate some of the problems I've had lately including being unable to sync and to download citations from EbscoHost and Science Direct. It has taken several days to clean up my tags (if they're more than 255 characters long, zotero won't sync and won't provide a scroll bar in the tags window). I had hoped I could simply browse through the tags window but, alas, I finally had to resort to scrolling through all of my entries, one by one, to view and eliminate long tags. While I was doing this, zotero was syncing. I notice that it will stop syncing and display a tag-too-long message (but only in the mouse-over text) when it comes across a too long tag which was helpful. Zotero is still my citation manager of choice but I would caution anyone with a large library compiled in a version of zotero that precedes 1.5 to clean up their tags before upgrading to 2.0b4! Now, to eliminate duplicates....

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