Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting carried away

All of a sudden I'm racking up a list of fun things to do this fall. I responded to a call for articles on serials and electronic resources management and social sciences data archives in a new library science encyclopedia. Don't know that I'll get invited to actually write them but it sounded like a good opportunity (especially since the articles would be refereed).

I also found out that I could apply (and would probably be accepted) to work as a Graduate Teaching or Research Assistant in the School of Library and Information Studies at TWU. That sounds like GREAT fun and would fill in a gap in my vitae (I need some teaching experience).

I'm taking two classes this fall, Theory of Statistics and Advanced Qualitative Research Methods.

And I still have tons of data from the usability study I just completed at work to analyse. I'd like to write an article (or two) based on those results.

I'm also chair of the Library School Outreach Committee for NASIG this year. I had to step down from chairing their Awards & Recognition Committee because the Executive Board felt (correctly) that I wouldn't be able to give both committees my full attention.

And I'm still reviewing reference books for Library Journal and the occasional serials related book for The Serials Librarian.

I guess it sounds a little like I'm bragging about all of this (and maybe I am a bit) but my intention when I started writing this was to try to "think aloud" about which of these opportunities I should accept (if and when they're offered). 'Course some of them I've already committed to. I have a bad habit of taking on more than I can do which I thought I had under control (partly by taping a sign that said "NO" on my computer monitor) but which I've obviously let run rampant again this summer.

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