Monday, April 09, 2007

Google is so cool!

Preface: I'm curled up in a chair at home this afternoon, COL (= cats on lap). It's cold and rainy and we got sent home early from work because the electricity in the library is not working. I'm really trying to work, really, I am, but so far I've been working on some committee stuff for NASIG (North American Serials Interest Group, This led me to creating a forum on one of the NASIG web pages for my first time conference attendees to use to ask questions before the conference. Which means that I have to remember to check it at least once a day or some questions will go unanswered so...

I was playing around with my personalized Google homepage, trying to add a link to this forum that I need to monitor and, after some fumbling, I figured out how to add a list of bookmarks to my page. Easy. This only happened after some fiddling around on their help pages where I also discovered that I can change the look of the banner at the top of my personalized Google homepage. So, of course, I tried out all of the 'themes' and selected the beach theme. But then (here's the really cool part) when I confirmed my choice I was asked for my zip code because the theme changes with the time of day!!! So during the day it's a day beach scene with the sun up but at night it's a night beach scene and, presumably there's a sunrise and a sunset. I've only had it for a few minutes so I can't confirm all that yet but I'll keep you posted. I love Google...and not just for rainy day entertainment!


Linda said...

I love Google too. I am concerned however, they are buying, or have bought OCLC. How will that affect WORLDCAT? Keep blogging, great articles! Linda

SWS said...

I hadn't heard that Google was buying OCLC, that would be something. It would be interesting to see how they integrated WorldCat with their booksearch tool.

Char said...

I started with Google Reader about 2 months ago and then started playing with the personalized home page. I keep trying different feeds and widgets. Very cool stuff.

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