Sunday, September 17, 2006

2006 NASIG Award Winners

2006 NASIG Award Winners, originally uploaded by Sarah610twu.

As a part of the discovery exercises for Library 2.0, I'm blogging this photo from Flickr. Some of you are probably aware of Flickr (including some of my family whom I forced to sign up for Flickr and look at my photos!). I've learned something new about Flickr since I made you all do that: you can set up a family site where more than one person can add photos...for a wedding for instance, or a family reunion (hint, hint).

Anyhow, I'm particularly proud of this photo because as a co-chair of the committee that selected and made it possible for these eight really wonderful, interesting people to attend the NASIG 2006 Conference as award recipients. I'm really proud of the winners and of myself for being part of the effort to make it possible for them to be winners.

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