Monday, March 01, 2010

Research tip

I have found a wonderful new icon in the Adobe Acrobat Reader (at least I think that's where it originates). I've been searching for publications in online databases and when I find an article I usually want to not only add it to my zotero library but I also want to download a copy for reading later. Now adding a citation to my zotero library has always been easy since I use version 2.0 that syncs between my computer at work and my laptop. But in order to have copies of the articles themselves on my laptop in the past I've saved a copy of the pdf to my hard drive at work then opened up an email and attached the article to it so I can open it on my laptop and download it. I know that doesn't sound all that cumbersome but it is. Now, however, with this new little icon in pdf docs I can email a copy of the pdf to myself without having to go to the trouble of downloading it, opening an email message, and attaching the file. I just click the 'email' icon within Acrobat, enter my email address, select the option to attach a copy of the article and hit send. It's almost as good as sliced bread!

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emily said...

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